Andrea Alexander

Andrea AlexanderThe content of individual sessions is based upon what each person needs, their characterology, unique traits, their struggle and their aspirations. An individual session usually involves some counselling and often some type of working with the body. This could be breathing exercises, focused movement or postures.

Other sessions may involve mindfulness or trauma release exercises. These exercises help to strengthen your life force and build an increased capacity for joy, love and pleasure.

Body Psychotherapy is centred on the philosophy that our body holds the history of our life experiences. Some of our more painful experiences form defence patterns that are held in our body and personality. Reich referred to these physical and emotional patterns as our characterology.

Our behaviour is influenced by our characterology and this is why many people experience the same painful patterns in their life. Patterns such as abandonment, rejection, betrayal, failed relationships, depression and/or anxiety.

By working with the body-mind we are able to gently challenge these defence patterns, creating lasting change, improved emotional well-being and vibrancy. This approach is a process and, just as these defence patterns were created over time, healing also takes time. The author Stephen Johnson referred to this work as the “hard work miracle”.

Andrea has witnessed many such miracles throughout the years of her practice. Miracles such as clients creating quality intimate relationships, building wonderful careers, finding their life purpose, and experiencing peace, enjoyment and passion for life.

Cost: $110 per one hour individual session
$100 (pension/student) per one hour session


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