1. Upcoming Mini Workshop with Charles Corley

“Order as a Universal Principle”

This workshop is an embodied experience of the Pathwork Lecture 205 . Together with Charlie and the group, explore your inner and outer chaos versus harmony and order and gain further insight into how external reality mirrors internal states.

Charles Corley is visiting senior faculty from Core Energetics, New York. Charlie has more than three decades of experience in healing work with individuals, couples and groups. He applies his knowledge of Core Energetics, particularly his advanced understanding of Pathwork to see each client and help them realise their full potential through guided and self directed growth.

Pathwork is a series of lectures for self-transformation, channelled by Eva Pierrakos. It is a spiritual program and its foundation is based on each person gaining self-knowledge, deeper truth and freedom from unneeded pain and suffering. The lectures hold a profound energetic resonance capable of tapping into life energy, enabling the release of negativity and limiting beliefs held beneath the level of awareness.

Wednesday 8th August 6.00 – 8.30 pm
Belonging House 17a Bishop Street Kelvin Grove
Price: $70

To book or find out more email Andrea at:

2. A workshop for men ..

This workshop will give men an opportunity to come together and support each other in the journey of masculinity. There is often confusion, uncertainty and shame about what is “healthy masculinity”?

This workshop will provide space in the company of men, for you to work on your cutting-edge issue towards what it might mean for you to be authentic in your own masculinity.

This could include, working on father or mother issues; or issues with relationship, sexuality, finding meaning in your life and career, or working with your own sense of spirituality.

Charles Corley has almost 30 years’ experience as a group facilitator and provides both a safe and brave space.

He applies his knowledge of Core Energetics (body orientated psychotherapy), particularly his advanced understanding of Pathwork to see each client and help them realise their full potential through guided and self-directed growth.

In addition to being a popular teacher at the Institute of Body Psychotherapy here in Brisbane, he is a senior faculty member of Core Energetic institutes in New York, Greece and Rhode Island.

Charlie is a very engaging facilitator and brings both warmth and pragmatism to his teaching and client work. He enjoys regular travels to India, where he has worked with Amma in deepening his spirituality and sense of presence with others.

Date: Saturday the 4th of August
Time: 1.00pm to 5.00pm
Venue: William Diplock Counselling, 41 Brown Parade ASHGROVE 4060*
Cost: $95

To book or for more information, contact William Diplock 0401220424 or Andrea Alexander 0422 883410