Leaving my Father’s House jungs-house– A workshop for Women

Facilitated by Andrea Alexander

Inspired by Jungian Analyst, Marian Woodman

In this one day workshop women will be supported to delve into the conscious and unconscious parts of their psyche that still dwells in their father’s house.  By using an embodied approach, some of the painful images about yourself and men, and yourself and the world will be uncovered and brought to consciousness.  Together, we will work through the images, unconscious demands, beliefs and negativity that prevent you from stepping more fully into your own autonomy as an empowered woman.

“What does it feel like to leave your father’s house?  Or your father-husband’s house?  How does it feel to leave the security of his love, even if he never cared who you were?  How does it feel to say no to a man whom you have always said yes?  What happens in your body when you stand up to a beloved (man)?  And when you find yourself alone, in your empty apartment, hearing voices inside you previously thought were outside, do you wonder if finding yourself is all it was cracked up to be?  Can you be the person you have always denied?”  (Marion Woodman, Leaving my Father’s House). 

The workshop is expressive, embodied and respectful

Saturday 22nd October
9.30 – 5.00 Belonging House
17A Bishop St
Kelvin Grove (Brisbane)
$150 (early bird $135 paid in full by 7th October)

For more information email:   info@instituteof

or phone 0422 883 410

Numbers are capped to enhance safety and depth of work.  Participants who are new to Core Energetics will be required to have a brief interview with Andrea prior to booking.