The Institute of Body Psychotherapy

Body Psychotherapy somatic psychotherapy waterfallBody Psychotherapy (somatic psychotherapy) is an integrated physical, emotional, mental and spiritual approach to emotional and physical wellbeing.

Our foundations are based on Core Energetics, Bio Energetics, Freud, Jung and Reich. We also embrace the latest techniques of body orientated trauma resolution, and neuroscience.

We offer individual sessions, sessions for couples, group therapy, workshops and a three year practitioner training course.

How can Body Psychotherapy help you?

Body Psychotherapy brisbane australiaBody Psychotherapy (somatic therapy) is a deep healing process. By working with the body-mind you are able to access old feelings and confront old sabotage patterns often held below the level of awareness, and constrained within muscle armouring.

Body Psychotherapy is ideal for anyone who wants to make a change in their life. It is a truly holistic approach and changes are deep-seated and lasting. This offers more than overcoming depression, anxiety, or relationship issues.

Body Psychotherapy increases capacity for pleasure, supporting you to feel more joy, to change, to grow, to love, to engage more fully in life and to be more energised.