Student Clinic

Some of you may like to take advantage of discounted body psychotherapy sessions with our graduating students. Students have been trained by our institute and are closely supervised by an experienced Core Energetics trainer. Your sessions would be much the same as with a graduated therapist except that your student therapist will be checking in their progress with you with a supervisor in between sessions. This is a great way to access great expertise at a small price. Student therapist sessions range between $50 – $60, and you would need to commit to completing five sessions over a period of no more than 3 months with your student therapist. For more information contact Andrea Alexander on 0422 882 410.

Details of participating students will be updated regularly


Call: 0422 883 410 – Enquire Online Today

Introducing Astrid


Astrid is a counsellor/psychotherapist in private practice who already has about seven years of experience in both an organizational setting and in private practice (clinical member of QCA). She is in the final stages of the body psychotherapy training and sees clients in both Brisbane (Coorparoo) and on the Sunshine Coast (Diamond Valley). Astrid has also been teaching mindfulness courses since 2006. Through her extensive experience in practicing and teaching mindfulness, and her training in Integrative Body Psychotherapy, Astrid has developed a deep appreciation of how working through the body can deepen and accelerate the psychotherapeutic process, leading to lasting transformations. Sometimes merely talking about issues is just not enough!
You can contact Astrid via email
or on 0401 624 757.


Introducing Dan Cosgrove


Dan is a final year student and has a body psychotherapy practice at Coorparoo. He has a keen desire to help people move fully into their lives in every sense – helping them discover their true Self.

Dan wants to work with people who are starting to “wake up” and are truly committed to their own spiritual and psychological healing (he thinks that these two things can’t be separated anyway). You may be struggling with moving into your heart’s calling in your career or creative life or to enjoy more fulfilling relationships. Whatever the issue, its origins are hiding in the mind/body somewhere and Dan will help you find solutions.

Contact Dan on 0439 78 68 50
(True Self Body Psychotherapy)