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Couples Counselling Brisbane - Couples Body PsychotherapyCouples Body Psychotherapy

Intimate relationships hold our deepest potential. Unfortunately, sometimes we not only find our great potential, we also find our potential for destruction and destructive behaviour. It is often said that our beloved brings out the best and worst of ourselves. What if we used these dark periods of pain, conflict, criticism, hostile silences and separation as profound opportunities for growth, both individually and for the relationship?

Too often in relationships, the initial balance of eros, love and sexuality is lost resulting in a lack of passion, boring or no sex, constricted predictability, bickering, distancing, bland companionship, or separation. Often the qualities of our partner that we found such a turn on, in the beginning, become annoying and frustrating. Other times, a relationship can look good on the outside, but on the inside has silent hostility or secret affairs.

This is because relationships present one of the greatest challenges of all. When we are in a relationship with another our own unresolved fears, hurts and distortions are activated. We then relate to the other from a defended place and this eventually crushes the life force out of the relationship.

Embodied relationship therapy helps couples to explore and experience where the blocks to love, eros and sexuality are held in the relationship and where they are held mentally, physically and emotionally in each person. Working through difficult and painful areas and staying present with yourself and the other enables the relationship to gain resiliency, become more passionate, loving and intimate .. leading to greater individual and relationship fulfilment.

Andrea has a high success rate in helping couples to find ways to stay together, enjoy each other and create a vibrant relationship.

She works with couples of all age groups and sexual orientation.

Couples Counselling Brisbane - Couples Body PsychotherapyCouples Counselling Brisbane - Couples Body Psychotherapy

Couples Therapy is with Andrea Alexander

Cost: $130.00 per one hour session

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