The Institute of Body Psychotherapy is a owned by Andrea Alexander as sole Director, with wonderful visiting guest speakers who are highly recognised for their expertise.  There is also an internship program where graduates are able to commence as assistants and gain experience as group therapists. Contact Us.

Andrea Alexander – Director and Senior Trainer

Andrea Alexander - The Institute of Body Psychotherapy
Andrea Alexander is a passionate certified Core Energetics body/somatic psychotherapist practitioner. She has completed five years of training with the former Australian Institute of Core Energetics and four years with the Institute of Energy Science.  Andrea has been in full time private practice for twelve years. She draws on her diverse background of integrative energy medicine therapies and mainstream psychology studies and holds a bachelor of science, majoring in Psychology, and an Honours degree in Psychology.

Andrea is an advocate for the power of ongoing individual therapy and she is dedicated to creating a sacred therapeutic environment that promotes lasting healing and transformation. She has a special interest in trauma, particularly attachment trauma and has attended workshops nationally and internationally to explore the latest techniques in trauma resolution. Andrea is committed to her own growth and continues her own individual sessions.

One of Andrea’s greatest loves is to work with relationships. She is an established couples therapist and has a high success rate in helping couples to reconnect with the love and eros in their relationship and reach a deeper level of love, sexuality and fulfillment.

Her other great passion is creating and supporting a vibrant therapeutic community where there is authentic expression, love, support and the opportunity to establish meaningful and lasting relationships. She facilitates ongoing process groups, and has founded this Institute to deliver a training program that is professional, ethical, skillful, body-orientated and heart centered.

Guest Speakers

Our visiting guest speakers are qualified, experienced practitioners who are respected in their field of expertise. They are people who not only teach the work – they also live the work, and are all committed to their own personal growth.

Charles CorleyCharles Corley

Charles Corley (MEd, LMHC, CCEP) is a New York state licensed mental health counsellor and certified Core Energetics practitioner.  Charlie has more than three decades of experience in healing work with individuals, couples and groups.  He applies his knowledge of Core Energetics, particularly his advanced understanding of Pathwork to see each client and help them realise their full potential through guided and self directed growth.  In addition to being a popular teacher in Australia, Charlie is a senior faculty member of the New York Institute of Core Energetics and The Greece Institute of Core Energetics.  He is also co-director of the Core Energetics Academy with Dr. Karyne Wilner in Rhode Island.

A former actor, Charlie is a very engaging facilitator and brings both warmth and pragmatism to his teaching and client work.  He enjoys regular travels to India, where he has worked worth Amma in deepening his spirituality and sense of presence with others.

Alisa LollbackAlisa Lollback

Alisa Lollback is a registered psychologist and body psychotherapist.  She first discovered Core Energetics and Body Psychotherapy 15 years ago when she studied energy medicine in the USA.  Once returning to Australia, Alisa completed her training at the Institute of Body Psychotherapy and is now one of our respected teachers at the school. Alisa is known for her warmth, generosity and passion for supporting people to discover their spiritual self and healing potential.

Alisa has a successful, full-time practice on the beautiful northern beaches of Sydney.  She works with individuals, couples, leads group therapy and workshops in Core Energetics and Body Psychotherapy (www.alisalollback.com.au).

Miriam Schafer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Miriam Schafer

Miriam is an Energy Healer and Spiritual Teacher, with a focus on helping people find balance, meaning and purpose in their lives.  From her own life experience, Miriam became passionate about personal growth and living in alignment with the soul’s journey.  Having lived in 7 different countries, working with the Australian Foreign Service and the United Nations, Miriam also trained for 4 years at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in the USA.  She came back home to Queensland in 2002 and set up her own business as a holistic life coach.  Miriam celebrates the uniqueness of each of her clients, tuning into their true “essence” and tailoring consultations to individual needs.  She has conducted group programs and seminars, both on-line and in-person, as well as residential retreats for women.  In recent years, she has also taught a Subtle-Energies module to students at the Institute of Body Psychotherapy, Brisbane.  Miriam enjoys nature, music, art, design, architecture, psychology and astrology.  Her philosophy for living is that “we heal through beauty and pleasure”.

Sarah Tuckett

Sarah Tuckett body psychotherapySarah is one of our new faculty members and is currently studying a Master of Mental Health (Psychotherapy). Sarah is known for her upbeat, joyful personality and her love of dance. Sarah is wonderful at leading movement classes and leads weekly Release classes (Core Energetic and Bio Energetic exercises) in Brisbane. Prior to entering the healing arts, Sarah worked in environmental sustainability, and she holds a Masters of Environmental Management.  Luckily for us, Sarah’s passion for wellness led her initially into remedial massage.  From there she became curious as to why clients’ body tension would be relieved during a session, but then return again.  She knew that the solution lay in the mind-body connection.  She started her own personal somatic psychotherapy sessions in 2012 and completed practitioner training in 2015. Sarah has a psychotherapy and counselling practice in Shorncliffe.

Sharna Hughes

  Sharna HughesSharna is a registered psychologist and Core Energetics Body Psychotherapist. Sharna understands the body to be of great importance within the psychotherapeutic process. She believes that with all psychological disorders and issues, cognitive markers and somatic markers co-exist and are best addressed concomitantly. Through dynamic experiential processes, breathwork and movement exercises Sharna assists individuals and groups to explore their inner congitive and somatic landscape, and to release unconscious muscular tension with the usual result that one is able to experience more pleasure, strength and vitality. Sharna brings a lot of vibrancy, creativity and insight to her teaching. She is a popular teacher and facilitates topics such as an embodied approach to overcoming anxiety and depression.

Sara HigginsSara Higgins

Sara was a client in Core Energetics for almost ten years before she embarked on the training program and became a qualified Integrated Somatic Psychotherapist. Sara is endlessly curious and passionate about how working with the body as well as the mind can help create transformative life change. She brings to her practice her own experiences and her broad experience working with people with life changing health issues, grief and loss as well as assisting those searching for deeper meaning beneath repeating old patterns in life.
Sara is also a yoga teacher and reflexologist and she draws on her experience with these modalities to assist clients with an holistic approach to healing. Sara loves this quote of Dr. John Pierrakos “The source of healing lies within the self”, and she loves helping clients to live happy and fulfilling lives. She brings compassion, sensitivity and acceptance into her work with clients. Sara is an intern teacher and is also in private practice in Milton.

Peter Lehmann

Peter LehmannPeter an assistant teacher and a trained Core Energetics psychotherapist who graduated in 2008. He discovered the exciting world of body psychotherapy, beginning with his personal desire to uncover meaning and truth in his life’s journey. Now fourteen years on with certification in Shiatsu, a Diploma in Core Energetics, and assisting/teaching, his energy and passion for this work continues with experience and maturity. Peter has a real love of working with clients and the body, the feelings and emotions that arise, and the techniques to designed to create grounding, centering and safety.

Peter is in private practice at The Gap in Brisbane. Peter loves to lead the grounding and centering classes and teach the range of body centred exercises.


Jessica Nygren

Jessica is a passionate advocate for the transformative power of Core Energetics. She has extensive experience working in a variety of different settings including community mental health services, crisis hotlines, clinical services for youth and private practice for the past five years. Jessica has supported Andrea Alexander in the Institute since its inception and has been a wonderful support during the formative years. She began as an assistant teacher and quickly progressed to a teacher and also homework coach. In addition to training in Core Energetics, Jessica is also a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (2011) and completed post graduate studies at the New York Institute of Core Energetics where she continues to assist training modules regularly. Jessica combines her creativity, generous heart and natural enthusiasm for life into her practice and work philosophy. She has a naturally inquisitive mind and is currently furthering her professional development with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Psychology. Unfortunately for us, Jessica is currently living in New York, however, she recently visited as a guest teacher and taught our Sensing Soft Energy and Energy Healing class. We hope to have her back again soon.