We are complex beings

We are complex beings. Sometimes our call to heal starts from stirrings of dissatisfaction in the heart. Sometimes the holding down of stirrings creates anxiety, panic or despair and depression. Sometimes these stirrings have been suppressed for so long that our psyche generates a crisis large enough for us to stop us in mid flight of chaos and destructiveness. When we answer the call for deep self inquiry, we are saying “yes” to our unmet longings, soul purpose and life task.

It takes courage to heal, and it takes time. It takes courage to confront the masks we wear. It takes even more courage to face our own destructive urges and to feel the pain of the original wound. It takes time to melt the muscle armoring and metabolize old feelings. This does not happen in five sessions or even ten. When you are looking for a body psychotherapist (or any psychotherapist), make sure that he/she is fully committed to going the distance with you. You deserve that.

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