Positive Intentions

Most of us at New Year made some positive intentions of what we would like to manifest in 2013.  Consciously putting attention on our Positive Intentions is essential to manifestation.  Deepak Chopra says “Attention energises and Intention transforms”.   Sometimes there may be a positive intention that never seems to manifest.  For example, an intention to lose weight,  find lasting love, or create more prosperity.  This can indicate that there is a negative intention that we hold in our unconscious that is currently stronger than the positive intention.  These negative intentions lurk underneath our defence systems that are resistant to change.  These defence systems are held in our body in our “characterology” or our muscle armouring.

John Pierakos said that the resistance to change is  based most often on the fear of pain or fear of annihiliation.  He said “when these defences take over, there is a negative intentionality in the human being. ”  When the fear of pain or annihilation overwhelms a person’s total being, it maintains a state of negativity.  John Pierakos said that the fear of pain takes one of three dominant forms.  “One is pride, resistance to oneness with others.  The proud will says ‘I’ll never admit I can be hurt’.  Another form is self-will – ‘I resist any other way but my way, I must not be hurt, so I’ll attach you first before you attack me’. The third form is direct fear of life.  The person who is afraid says, ‘if I am hurt, I must perish’.  The paradox is that the person that maintains these defences fosters misery. ”  (Core Energetics, p. 153).

In Core Energetics we support the client to go beneath their defence systems and discharge old pain and belief systems that no longer serve them.  This creates a body and energy system that is more alive and vital and combined with putting attention on the positive intention, becomes a rich fertile ground for positive intentions to manifest.

May your longings manifest in 2013!


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